How to know if he’s in to you.

On June 4, 2017 i found a friend on Instagram through a guy we were both following. 

The moment we started talking we knew we’re meant to be really good friends and started calling each other “soul sisters”. 

We exchanged numbers, added each other on Facebook. We even planned a vacation on August. Our conversation then shifted to our lovelife. I have been single since 2010 haven’t tried another serious relationship yet. She never had a boyfriend but a little bit inlove with someone who can’t appreciate her. (Sorry for kinda ratting you out sis 😘) Me being older and have been engaged twice (buried one 😒 cheated by the other 😈) started telling her about the signs i use to know if he’s really in to me or he’s just being “pa-fall” (a person who un/knowingly makes a person fall in love with them). I use these signs to know if the guy asking me for a date wants a relationship or just out to break my heart.

  1. HE contacts you first –  wait for them to make the first move. If you’re always the one who makes a move for a conversation then maybe you’re more interested than he is.
  2. HE’s interested to what you have to say – if he listens and doesn’t cut you off then its a good sign.
  3. HE keeps the conversation going – he don’t want it too end.
  4. HE gets a bit jealous – its kinda normal for us girls to be jealous coz we are more open with our emotions and some can get easily attached to men so its cute and refreshing if its the other way around.
  5. HE asks about your day – and wants every detail of it too.
  6. HE shows his sensitivity-  he shares his fears, dreams, discouragements and all the things that makes him human.
  7. HE’s family and friends knows who you are – he talks about you to his family and friends.  He talks about how you make him happy and content. 
  8. HE’s willing to adjust for your happiness – when he buys you flowers so you’ll smile tho he never buys flowers. He tries to cook for you when your feeling down. He spends time in a bookstore to find a book you’ll surely like.
  9. HE mentions you in his future- when he uses the word “we” a lot.
  10. HE keeps in mind unique things he LOVES about you – take note of the word “love”. When he keeps making silly jokes just to hear you snort from too much laughing. Or he purposefully use long complicated words so you’ll tilt your head in confusion, tilting it to the right in the way he finds you cute.
  11. HE’s still around even tho you’re weirdly transparent- you eat a lot, you cry in movies, you act like a boy in arcades, you laugh like there’s no tomorrow, you get annoyed a lot, you talk a lot and snore in your sleep but still he stays and loves you regardless of your weirdness.
  12. HE proactively texts or calls you – lets get back to the number 1 so i wouldn’t have to explain this one. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  13. HE gives you full access to him 24/7 – even when he’s at work or at home sleeping you’ll be able to call or talk to him.
  14. HE loves you, he lets EVERYONE know – he posts pictures of the two of you (or just you) on Instagram and Facebook. He tweets about you. He uses your picture as his wallpaper. And so on and so forth. 
  15. HE makes sure that everything he does will benefit you and the future you’ll have together- he thinks about putting that window seat in the house he’s planning to build coz you love reading. He orders that chocolate cake because he knows you like it. He cleans up his house coz he knows you hate having a messy place. When he thinks about your happiness more than he thinks about his own then i believe you have a keeper in your hands. 

    Im not saying that these signs works for everyone coz I’ve been cheated by a man i thought I’ll be happy to live with for the rest of my life. But it has been my basis ever since and I was able to see if im heading to a disastrous relationship a head of time.

    I usually butt out from other people’s lovelife well except for my friend’s. 😁😁

    Well then i hope I’ve been a help to someone. 😊✌


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