Introduction? Not exactly.

A girl. A woman. A lady. One of the boys. A daughter. A sister. A friend.  Almost a wife. Twice. Teacher. Photographer. A traveler. A bibliophile. Never the same. OCD. 

Random thoughts. 

Long overdue. 

2nd blog. Hopefully, won’t be hacked this time.

I think too much.

Therefore i talk too much.

Blunt and Honest. Is that the same?

Rarely tactless. 

Easily angered. 

Can be pacified immediately. 

Hold grudges.

Trusting. Trusted. Burnt. 

Capre Diem

All packed into one. 

Is this how you introduce yourself. 

Like a list of things you want to buy.

Or is it just me.

Who knows maybe someone out there thinks the way i think. 


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